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E-news December 14, 2011
by mercypilkington
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Hi runners! I know, I know, it's been a while. So sorry! (on that note, if anyone has a free twenty minutes per week in their schedules, I do need to pass this responsibility on to another organized writing type for the next year!)


***from Tom Griffin

Ran the Chief Ladiga Half-marathon today. The value of running and of holding events like this was demonstrated nicely today. After the race, Tommilynn Meyer had the most radiant glow of satisfaction and pleasure on her face after she completed the race. Great race Tommilynn!

(NOTE: I've heard from several of you in person and a few who even made the newspaper on how much fun you had at the Ladiga Half. Great job to all of you!!!)


First round pick of the Denver Broncos and Alabama running back, Bobby Humphrey, will be on hand to sign autographs from 8:15-9:00 A.M. Frozen feet will start at 9:00 A.M at the Pell City Lakeside Park. The Pell City Mayor and Bobby Humphrey will be the Grand Marshall. The Pell City Coffee Company, Subway, and Waffle House will have refreshments. The 1 Mile Santa Dash will start at 10:00 A.M. If you have any questions e-mail Matthew Brick:

  We officially have a 10% discount if we sign up by this Friday, December the 15th.  We can register on with the code ANNISTONRUNNERS  or print out the following application and mail it by the 15th.  You will need to mark that you are an ARC member.   The discount will be $36 for the half and $18 for the 10K.  

They also mentioned if anyone was spending the night, they have a discount rate at the Hilton Garden Inn:

By the way, we have a special rate with the Hilton Garden Inn at $89/night. Here is the link in the event some of your runners need a place to stay:

Info is on facebook as well.  


This is a last minute plea...anyone available to head up the Half Naked Marathon at Ft. McClellan on January 21st? It's a low-key event, would be great for a first-time race director. Email IMMEDIATELY because the race registrations are already coming in!

Have a great week!


E-news November 30, 2011
by mercypilkington
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Good morning runners! Or should I say, SWIMMERS, after the weather we've been having!


***from Thomas Griffin

We had a great Thanksgiving morning Plucked Turkey 10K. There were 206 registered with 191 finishing. This is more than double what we had last year. Runners came from California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and a bunch from Florida as well as across the state of Alabama. Jay Lloyd finished first with a time of 37:33 and Megan Williams was first among women with a time of 41:16. The winners took home Turkey Breasts and the 2nd and 3rd place finishers took home pies (Adam Swann, John Talley, Haley Long and Suzanne McGuire). Needless to say, all the runners earned their calories today.

Thanks to all who participated and especially to the volunteers, without whom, our races could not be run.

***from Gordon Harvey

Ran the Ruben Studdard 1/2 marathon in B'ham this past sunday. I am running Calif. International marathon in 2 weeks, so this was a training run/race opportunity.  Fun race, and a pretty good course taking us thru parts of Bham I haven't seen in years.  

Finished in 1:40. new PR and was 28th overall out of 551 total finishers. 24th out of 221 men.  and was 3rd in the 40-44 age group.


Leigh Marsh snagged this coupon code for ARC members...thanks, Leigh!!!

At the run this past weekend they gave out discount codes for the Gulf

Coast Half Series. I thought I would share with you in case your running

peeps were interested.

Jan 22 = Gulf Shores AL (start and finish at Lulu's)

April 15 = Pensacola FL

Oct. 14th = Mandeville LA

If you register by Dec 1st, 2011 (Thursday) you can sign up for all 3

for $115 total.

Coupon code for $20 off registration good until Dec 4th "TGIVING"

making the fee $40 for each Half if you were not going to do all three.

Oh and the medal is also a bottle opener. (photo attached)

There will be a special award for participating in all 3 but what

exactly is

still under wraps.


Don't forget about signing on to be a part of the inner workings of the club for next year. Brooke Nelson has been diligently sending out information on nominations for club officers, race directors, etc., so let her know how YOU will help out next year!

Have a great day!


E-news November 16, 2011
by mercypilkington
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  Hi Runners! Got a number of important items for you, so get your calendars out to jot these down!


***from Jay Worrall

Hello Everyone--Jay and Jen here.  We ran the Pinhoti 100 last weekend.  First, let me say congratulations and thank you to Todd Henderson for putting on this race!  It is a heck of a race.  I have been involved with it now for three years first as a volunteer, and now as a competitor, and let me say this race has a very special place in my heart.  Second, let me say thank you to the Anniston Runners Club and all the volunteers who came out and gave their support.  It was great seeing so many of you--even in my race induced fog--but perhaps none were so welcome as Ed and Mercy at mile 95.  There's NOTHING like hitting that last aid station and realizing you are actually going to get it done!  As for the race itself: on a beautiful weekend in Alabma we both finished, hand in hand, and had a lot of fun doing it.  What's better than that? 

Aw, thanks, Jay! Which was better, the 100-Mile run or the run to the altar?

***from Ann Angell

Our race report is the Savannah Rock and Roll half and full marathon held Nov 5 th . This was a family affair as me, my 16 year old daughter Cowan, my brother Patrick Porteous, my 2 nephews from Savannah and their mom, my sister in law all ran. It was only my 2 nd half marathon and my daughter’s 3rd. My first was Country Music in Nashville. The inaugural Savannah event was fun. There were around 23,000 people running. It was bitter cold believe it or not and didn’t warm up for several miles due to the serious wind. The actual course was very flat but not really all that scenic until about mile 7. A little disappointing as far as scenery. My husband is from Savannah and I have been going there for many years so I know it is beautiful. But they took us through some really rough looking neighborhoods for a very long time. But the rest of the course was beautiful. They did not really have as much support from the community as far as people on the course cheering as Nashville did. But huge crowds at the end. My daughter PRd at 2:15, my 2 nephews (their first half marathon) who are ages 15 and 13 did 1:44 and 1:50. I am slow as molasses and walked about half for a time of 3:19. My brother Patrick did great on his first marathon in well under 4 hours. It was a fun family memory for the Angell/Porteous clan.


***from Chad Prince

The Soldier Marathon in Columbus, GA was this past Saturday--my first attempt at 26.2.  We got off to a cold start at 36 degrees but it warmed up to a sunny, low 50's morning.  There was a good sized crowd of about 500 in the full and just under 700 for the half.  They had great volunteer support and the event was very well done with plenty of aide stations with water, Gatorade, GU, music and cheers.  The course felt like home.  The first seven miles were on Ft. Benning and it felt like McClellan, and remaining 19 miles were on their River Walk which is very much like Ladiga.  With the river, I expected it to be pretty flat, but there were plenty of rolling hills.  The running app I use on my phone recorded 6000 feet of ascents.

Quite a few people with marathons under their belt tried to prepare me for how tough the final few miles would be.  They were right.  Kept going and finished just under my goal time with a 3:29:34.

Looking forward to the Chief Ladiga half next month -- after 26.2, 13.1 sounds great!


Plucked Turkey 10K - Thanksgiving morning - Don't wait to preregister.

Burn off those Thanksgiving dinner calories before you consume them. Register today at calendar/?eventID=135&date=11/ 24/2011

Ogan Run or Ride - Charity event to benefit the Ogan family

Nov 19 - 8:00am

Golden Springs Community Center

5K run or 20-mile ride options


Two things for enews: (THANKS!)
1.       Please urge members to join all the ARC Facebook pages: Anniston Runners, Anniston Runners Triathlon Team, and Anniston Runners Trail Running
2.       Here is an updated Call for Nominations blurb:
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: It’s that time of year again, when the club calls for nominations for the 2012 slate of officers.
Please do NOT post your nomination on Facebook, but instead message me via Facebook or email: (Thanks!)
The following officers are “elected” by membership: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large.
These are the officers on the Board of Directors who vote on important matters pertaining to our club’s operations.All others are appointed by the president.
So, if you or someone you know would be the perfect officer for one of the above six positions, please email me and the Nominating Committee will consider them for the ballot.
All other officers (Ultra-Race Director, Triathlon/Multi-Sports Director, etc.) are non-voting, and are appointed by the president once he/she takes office.
Deadline for nominations: December 1, 2011
Brooke Nelson, Nominating Committee Chair

Have a great week! Be careful running in this weather!


E-news November 8, 2011
by mercypilkington
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Hi runners! Settle in with a cupa cocoa, 'cuz there's lots to talk about in this enews!


First of all, if you missed the Pinhoti 100 this weekend, I'm not going to pour salt in the wound by telling you how awesome it was, or how beautiful the weather along the stunning course was, or how much fun the volunteers had. That would just be mean. Instead, I'll tell you that it was AMAZING! It's a great race and is one of the showpieces for our runners' club. Overall winner Karl Meltzer pulled it off in 16hrs 42 minutes, and that was a sight to see! I'm still most impressed with women's winner Jill Perry, who completed the entire race WITHOUT a crew for support. Way to go runners, but a special congratulations to all of the volunteers who manned the aide stations and to the entire Todd Henderson clan for putting on another spectacular event!

***from Brooke Nelson

Pinhoti 100- Thank you to Aid Station #10 Volunteers, Adam’s Gap – Mile 55
Thanks guys for helping us Rock the Gap!
Each year as I see runners come through our station, I’m humbled at their progress and hope that what we do helps them reach their goals….hopefully that includes the football stadium in Sylacauga!
Thanks to our great group who served the soup, cooked the taters, filled bottles and backpacks, helped find drop bags, bandaged blisters, took pictures, made pb&j sandwiches, recorded the runners in, checked the runners’ vitals, and all the other things that help us Rock the Gap!
Sara Daum
Amie Hinton
Graham Nelson
Nicole Diekow
Jamie ?
Robyn and Hoby Talley
Daniel and Marinda Salyers
Alison Miles
Sherry and Michael McPhee
Dr. Rual Magadia
And a special thanks to my husband, who once again went way beyond the call of duty loading up enough stuff for us to move to Adam’s Gap, setting up the stuff, and the moving it all back (including a satellite dish and TV so we could watch the LSU/Bama game).

You are all awesome!


***from Alice Thrower

 On October 30th, I completed my first marathon in Washington, DC....The Marine Corps Marathon!  My goal was to simply finish, and I did in 5:29. It was an experience that will be with me for a lifetime. I have never run with that many people(over 21,000 finishers). The crowd support was amazing on the entire course, and the scenery was wonderful!  I was the crazy one that realized at Mile 25 that it was almost over and I didn't want it to end!  I am Blessed to be able to run, privileged to have been a part of such a wonderful event, and honored to have a Marine shake my hand, and put that medal around my neck!
   It was also nice to know that my fellow ARC members, Brooke Nelson, Suzy Spiceland, Dennis Dunn, Bobbie and Will Williams,and my daughter Lauren, were blazing the pavement ahead of me!
                                                  Alice Thrower

***from Apryl Swafford

   My race report is especially dedicated to the new runners out there.  When I started running last August, as both an ex-smoker and a big beautiful woman J, I never thought I’d finish a 5K much less a half marathon but my running partner(Deonne Clark) and I ran our very first half, the Girl’s Inc. Half Marathon, on Oct. 8 in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida!!  Our longest training run to that point was about 9 miles but decided we’d give the half a shot…even if we didn’t manage to finish, we calculated a few days lounging on the beach, drowning our sorrows in some cold drinks would be worth the trip.  But guess what… we DID IT!  Our goals (and all you long time runners better not laugh J) was to finish in under 3 hrs and…drum roll please…we finished in 2 hrs, 59 minutes, 15 seconds!!! A wise man reminded me (thanks Jim!) that it would be an automatic PR if we finished so that made it all the better!!!  We capped off the run with an on-site massage (another first for me and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t convince those very talented young men to come back to Munford, Alabama with us) and a FREE BEER certificate from Hofbrau at Pier Park!  Other than running into a head wind BOTH ways (which another wise man had warned me about…thanks Wig!), the race was wonderful! I can’t WAIT for the Chief Ladiga Half in December…by the way, I’ll be the one in the very back, most likely talking & singing to herself J! My next goal is a full marathon before I’m 50, so the work continues…



Apryl Swafford

***from Frank Bouie

Please recognize Wilburn Smallwood's new 5K state rcord of 49:00 for males age 88. He set the record in the Gamecock Gallop in Jacksonville on October 22. The record can be viewed at



CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: It’s that time of year again, when the club calls for nominations for the 2012 slate of officers.

We have made some changes in our bylaws, and the following officers are “elected” by membership: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member-at-Large, and Woodstock Race Director.

These are the officers on the Board of Directors who vote on important matters pertaining to our club’s operations.

So, if you or someone you know would be the perfect officer for one of the above six positions, please email me and the Nominating Committee will consider them for the ballot.


All other officers (Ultra-Race Director, Triathlon/Multi-Sports Director, etc.) are non-voting, and are appointed by the president once he/she takes office.

Deadline for nominations: December 1, 2011

VOTE: The Nominating Committee will present the ballot (via email or mailed copy for those without email access) and will vote prior to the Annual Banquet in January. The new slate of officers will be inducted at the Annual Banquet.



Brooke Nelson



Have a great week, runners!


E-news Oct. 26, 2011
by mercypilkington
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These guys are about to participate in the Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run...well, when they get undressed. Google it.
These guys are about to participate in the Boulder Naked Pumpkin Run...well, when they get undressed. Google it.
Hi runners! This e-news is short and sweet!


***from Darrell Harden

On October 9, I ran the Evansville Half Marathon in Evansville, Indiana. For me, that was a huge deal, because I was born in Evansville, but left before I could really form any lasting memories of my home town. What better way to tour than to run a 13.1-mile loop through town, right? I finished in 1:48:28, good for my second-best half marathon time, but not quite the PR that I was hoping for.

That's all from here. I'm looking forward to making the trek from Piedmont to Jacksonville on December 3 with the Anniston Runners Club. :-)


Can you please do a shout out to our AOD Federal Credit Union/YMCA Spooktacular 5K that will happen at 7am Sat Oct 29th at AOD FCU in Oxford behind the Oxford YMCA. It is a costume race too!! We are giving away prizes for top 10 males and top 10 females runners only, but we are also giving away some great door prizes and top 3 best costumes for male and female if they choose to dress up and run. Of course if they do not want to dress up they can still run or walk! Our tech shirts are long sleeve black with great running skeletons across the front. They can call Ann Angell at 256-832-9622 for more info.

The course is clearly marked except for the exact start and the exact finish if anyone wants to run it ahead of time.

Pinhoti 100 STILL NEEDS VOLUNTEERS for the November 5th-6th race! Email Todd Henderson at if you can help. There's more help to be done, too, for this event:

Attention Trail and Endurance enthusiasts (and folks that like muddy shoes):

A couple of volunteers are needed to assist at the Pinhoti 100 mile run Aide Station #5. The Lake Morgan, County Rd 24 station is near the Oxford area and will be operational from 10am until 2:30pm. Interested? Contact Tommy Triplett at

Hey runners! Thanksgiving is fast approaching and with it all the turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce and potatoes and gravy – and of course the pies. Don’t forget you have a chance to burn off those calories before you sit down at the table – the Plucked Turkey 10K Thanksgiving morning. Send in your entry now. Check the ARC website and event calendar or go to
calendar/?eventID=135&date=11/24/2011 to download the registration form.

Have a great week!


E-news Oct. 19, 2011
by mercypilkington
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But which do you think was harder, the marathon or giving birth 7 hours later?
But which do you think was harder, the marathon or giving birth 7 hours later?

Good morning, runners? Are your shoes wet? If not, you haven't been running outside that much!


***from Chris Humphries

I got the opportunity to run the Chicago marathon this weekend.  This was my fifth marathon but by far the best one that I have been apart of to date. 
The course was lined from start to finish with spectators and they did a great job with on course entertainment and water stations. 

I read one report where there were an estimated 1 million people watching. 
I finished in 4:39 which was way off my goal time but I was happy with the finish.   It was a bit hot and humid but not unbearable.  This was definitely a race where I took in the scenery and enjoyed the event. 
As you may have already seen, a runner actually passed away during the race.  That fact makes a runner be grateful for what we are able to do and the ability to do it safely. I know it put my race in perspective. 
I am grateful to everyone who supported me during my training, especially my ARC family. The words of encouragement and congratulations have been overwhelming.  

Thanks everyone for continuing to allow me to be a part of the ARC family even though I'm in Chattanooga!


Come Support Children With Developmental Disabilties

A Benefit Poker Run for Motorcycles AND Bicycles through Beautiful Northeast Ala-bama to benefit children with developmental disabilities! Come Join Us!

For more info: please contact Lisa Spurling at 256-447-9349 (x38) or email me at

Motorcycle Category:

100 mile—Poker Run: $40

100 mile—Additional Rider: $20

(All participants will receive an event T-shirt, bandana, and collectible event memorabilia. Additional riders are not eligible to draw cards during Poker Run)

Waivers AND Proof of Insurance required at sign-in!!

Saturday—November 5, 2011

Ft. McClellan , Alabama

At the Duck Pond!

74 Exchange Ave, Ft. McClellan, AL 36205

Bicycle Category :

50 mile—Poker Run: $40

25 mile—Poker Run: $20

(All participants will receive an event T-shirt, bandana, and collectible event memorabilia. Winners determined after last rider returns, need not be present to win)

Waivers required at sign-in!!

Register TODAY on

CA$H Prizes awarded for BEST & WORST hand in each category!!!

Bicycle start time: 8 am Motorcycle start time: 9 am

***from Brooke Nelson

NEEDED: A few good men/women/children to help with Aid Station #10 of the Pinhoti 100 (Mile 55.34)

SATURDAY, November 5


Tom and I are the “hosts” for Aid Station #10 at Adam’s Gap. This is a large aid station/command center with bag drops, pacer pickup, doctor checks, etc…

It’s a fun Aid Station (think party atmosphere) with a large roaring fire and rocking music.

But we need a few volunteers to help check-in runners as they come through. This is very important as we don’t want to lose track of any runners.

What is required: If you want to do shifts, we can set up for 4 hour increments, but it would still be best to have two people swapping out each shift.

                2:00 p.m. – 6 p.m.            Arrive at Adam’s Gap at 2 p.m. to help set up “stuff.” Check-ins would not occur until later.

                6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.          Do check-ins of runners and help breakdown station.

What you need to bring: Flashlight to read list while checking in the runners. Food/drink for you. Jacket. If it’s really cold, hand warmers, etc…. This aid station is out in the open. It’s a trail run, remember?


If you’ve never experienced an ultra-trail run, now is the time!

Questions? Let me know.



Brooke Nelson


***from Todd Henderson

Here is the call for Aid Station and other volunteers for the Pinhoti 100. The Pinhoti 100 is the RRCA Ultra Regional 100 mile Championship Race this year! The race starts on Saturday November 5th at 6:00a.m. closes on Sunday, November 6th. Here are the volunteer positions we need to fill as soon as possible. For Aid Stations I have listed the location and times. Directions can be supplied as well.
Aid Station #1 (Highrock, FS531) 6:45 till 8:00a.m.
Aid Station #5 (Lake Morgan, Cty 24) 10:00a.m. till 2:15p.m.
Aid Station #6 (Blue Mtn, CC Road) 11:00a.m. till 4:18p.m.
Aid Station #7 (Bald Rock, Cheaha St Park) 12:00p.m. till 6:12p.m.
Aid Station #11 (Clairmont Gap) 2:45p.m. till 11:59p.m.
Aid Station #12 (Chandler Springs) 3:30p.m. till 1:31a.m. Sun
Sweeping Duties Needed. Duties- Follow last runner picking up course markings and dropping course markings off at aid stations. If anyone would like to sweep you can start at any mileage and go as far as you want. You will be moving at a fast hike to slow jog. You can start and stop at any distance.
Start of Race; Start at approx 6:30a.m.
to Aid Station #1. Mileage= 6.7
to Aid Station #2. Mileage=6.57  Total Mileage from Start = 13.27
to Aid Station #3. Mileage=5      Total Mileage from Start = 18.27
to Aid Station #4. Mileage=4.44 Total Mileage from Start = 22.71
to Aid Station #5. Mileage=4.95 Total Mileage from Start = 27.66
to Aid Station #6. Mileage=6.95 Total Mileage from Start = 34.56
to Aid Station #7. Mileage=6.38 Total Mileage from Start = 40.94
Start at Aid Station #10 (Adams Gap). Start time will be approx 10:45p.m.
to Aid Station #11. Mileage= 4.95
to Aid Station #12. Mileage=5.15 Total Mileage from Aid #10 = 10.1
to Aid Station #13. Mileage=3.34 Total Mileage from Aid #10 = 13.44
to Aid Station #14. Mileage=5.75 Total Mileage from Aid #10 = 19.19
to Aid Station #15. Mileage=5      Total Mileage from Aid #10 = 24.19
to Aid Station #16. Mileage=6.1   Total Mileage from Aid #10 = 30.29
Time Clock and Finish Line Volunteers Needed:
We will need a club time clock and volunteers to work in shifts.
Arrival time= 9p.m. Saturday
Location= Sylacauga High School Football Stadium
Finish Line will be set up on the 50 yard line of the track located inside the football stadium.
Close time= 12:00a.m. Sunday
Please contact:
Todd Henderson

Pinhoti 100
205-492-7063 cell

***from Tom Griffin

Plucked Turkey 10K - Thanksgiving morning
Hey runners! Thanksgiving is fast approaching and with it all the turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce and potatoes and gravy – and of course the pies. Don’t forget you have a chance to burn off those calories before you sit down at the table – the Plucked Turkey 10K Thanksgiving morning. Send in your entry now. Check the ARC website and event calendar or go to to download the registration form.

E-news Oct. 3, 2011
by mercypilkington
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Want one of your own?
Want one of your own?

Happy Monday, runners! I hope you took advantage of the cooler weather and got some run time in before your weekend got too busy!


***from Roxana Conroy

I ran a 5k yesterday here in Ft. Payne. The run was to raise money for Whitney Smith who has plans to serve in Sudan through her church ministry. I do not know all the details but i have a website if anyone wants to check it out.

***from Jay Worrall

1) Race Report.  Jennifer and I ran the Inaugural Georgia Jewel this past weekend, September 24.  There was a 100 mile, a 50 mile, and a 35 mile race.  Jen and I ran the 50 mile.  She was the second woman overall, and I was the 9th male overall.  As usual, we ran the entire race together, and we were happy with our performances.  It is a rough course on the feet--lots of rocky and technical terrain, as well as some hills--but it was also pretty, and the volunteers were awesome.  We also saw Wayne running the 35m, and it looked like he was doing well.  I look forward to hearing how he did!


2) Trail Training Run.  Any trail runners interested in getting some miles in the weekend of October 8-9?  Jen & I will be organizing a run for anyone that wants to join us for any distance.  We're running the Pinhoti 100 course, throughout the day and night, hoping to cover about 67 miles total.  Important: no one is expected to go the entire way if they don't want to!  Anyone who wants to come out for 5 or 10 miles, please do, as we'd love the company.  Let me know and we'll coordinate:


***from Brooke Nelson

TRI SOCIAL - NOT just for triathletes! If you've ever even had an inkling to do a multi-sport event (individually or on a team) - come on over!

Coming up this Sunday, October 9 at 5 p.m. at our cabin. We've got about 20 signed up so far, but would love to have loads more. We need to do a little planning for next year (so bring your ideas) and a lot of socializing. We’ll provide the main dish, but we need you to bring your own drinks and a dish to share (appetizer, salad, veggie, or dessert).

PLEASE plan to come, and please let me know so I have enough food.

Let me know if you need a map.


***Don't forget to log your September miles for the 1200-Mile Club by emailing Jim Parham at



Disney’s Princess Half Marathon
Have you signed up to become running royalty in 2012?  If not, grab your ladies in waiting (or even your frog prince) and register for the 2012 Disney’s Princess Half Marathon before the entry fee increases on Monday, October 3, 2011. 
And if you are already signed up to run through the kingdom, here are three ways to pamper yourself and your fans during race weekend. 

Pasta in the Park Party – Prepare with a proper pre-race meal, meet the Disney Princesses and cap-off the evening with a viewing of Illuminations:  Reflections of Earth at Epcot®.

Race Retreat – Stay comfortable before and after the race with this VIP runner package that is fit for a princess. 

ChEAR Squad Make sure your loved ones sign up so they don’t miss a minute of the race action. 

runDisney Share Your Bling Sweepstakes
And if you haven’t done so already, show us your runDisney “bling” on our Facebook wall!  You can upload images of yourself with your crowning runDisney achievement by going to  And while you are there, don’t forget to enter the runDisney Share Your Bling Sweepstakes to win an all-expenses paid trip to the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna, January 5-8, 2012. 

Join runDisney fans and “Like” us on the Official runDisney Facebook page to keep up with updates and more.  Become a fan today!

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF MONEY NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. The runDisney Share Your Bling Sweepstakes starts 9/6/11 at 3:00 PM ET and ends 10/22/11 at 11:59:59 ET. Open to eligible legal residents of 50 U.S./D.C., 18 years or older as of time of entry. Click on the View Official Rules for entry instructions, odds of winning, prize details, restrictions, etc. Residents of P.R. are ineligible. Void in P.R. and where prohibited. Sponsor: Disney Destinations, LLC P.O. Box 10000, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830. View Official Rules.

Have a great week, runners!


E-news Sept. 27, 2011
by mercypilkington
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For the record, I was NOT the one who suggested we steal the sign...
For the record, I was NOT the one who suggested we steal the sign...

Hi there, runners! Hope all of you have a productive week of logging some miles. Speaking of logging those miles, remember to report your miles to Jim Parham at the end of the week!


Did you know there was an event in Nashville this past weekend and that two of our runners placed in their age groups? Nancy Grace and Lori Tibbetts placed 3rd and 2nd respectively in their separate categories at the Women's Half Marathon...way to go!

***From Jim Parham

My first race as a 65 yo. New age group on Friday Sept 23, a 5K that represents a return to our Navy roots witht the SWOS (Surface Warfare Officer School) 5K........ always well done. Creative T-shirts, beautiful vistas from our island featuring views of Narragansett Bay the Naval War College. Post race Newport Storm (our local beer) with pizza for after. All made better by finishing first in my age group, and that is a first for me here in RI.

Then yesterday Sept 25, my favorite swim race of the year. The New England 5&10K Championships, hosted by a gent who may be one of the greatest swimmers in the world. Ray Gandy has swum the English Channel, swum 50 miles around our islands here and is just a nice guy. The river is beautiful, the folks are great and the post steak burgers, deluxe RI hot dogs, beer from Vermont and the prizes, a Chocolate Swimmer trophy make it unique. I beat the top 10K winner who set a national record. I swam the 5K in 2:01. A wonderful event.

Still in all, missing Sweet Home and appreciate you E-news of our great running club news.

Best, Jim

*** From Steven Miles

Steven Miles, Allison Miles, and Brian Mount had a great time at the Warrior Dash in Tennessee over the last weekend.  It was great to run a race for a change that was just about having fun.  We all took on the obstacles and dove into the mud pit at the end to cover ourselves from head to toe in mud.  Was a very liberating experience.  We got our warrior helmets, our shirts, our medals, and I bought a kilt.  Can't wait to do another one.  Signing up for the May 19th, 2012 event in Georgia.  If anyone is interested, jump in there with us. :o)

*** From Wayne Tucker

Last Saturday I ran my first marathon at Wright Patterson Air Force Base

in Dayton Ohio. I chose the Air Force Marathon as my first because of

the 7 hour time limit (which I knew I would need). It was a great

experience and would suggest this race to anyone. It consisted of a 5K

on Friday night with a 10K, half and full marathon on Saturday morning.

There were over 13000 runners registered, of which more than 3000 for

the marathon. Race time weather was cloudy in the mid to upper 40's with

an afternoon high in the 60's (much better than the 80's I had trained

in!). The Air Force and local communities put on a big show for us and

we had plenty of support including an accordion band playing Oktoberfest

music (love that chicken dance). I met my goal of not walking and had an

official time of 7hrs 3 min 54 sec (official 7 hour time limit was

extended because it took 10 minutes for everyone to get across the start

line). I have pictures and a couple videos posted on my Facebook. The

flyover of the B1 was an awesome thing to see.....


You must register before October 2nd, 12:00 Midnight to guarantee you get a race shirt!

To benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure
 North Central Alabama
Saturday October 1, 2011
8:00 am 


Have a great week and send in those reports!


E-news Sept. 19, 2011
by mercypilkington
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XTerra Races are staged worldwide.
XTerra Races are staged worldwide.

Good morning, runners! I hope you had the chance to log a few miles in the cooler temps over the beautiful weekend. A LOT of you came out to run the XTerra 10K on Mt. Cheaha over the weekend. I was passing out water so I can't speak for the course, but if the smiles heading into the finish line chute were any indication, you loved the course, too! There was a mishap with some yellow jackets around mile two that affected quite a few of you, but you didn't let that stop you from finishing a challenging and scenic course. Way to go!


***I've been traveling and ran in a 10K race, TRC Running Over Cancer, in Sugarland, Texas (think Houston). Turns out it was a bit more than 10K (actually 6.8 mi) due to improper course marking or something.

I did fairly well, finishing 35th overall (of 123) and 2nd in my age group ( 60). The guy who finished 1st in group was second overall.

There was good support for the race and pretty well run (other than the glitch with distance). The race supported The Sundrop Foundation, fighting kids cancer.

Will be nice to get back to my home course, though!

Tom Griffin

***Race report...


Jen and I competed at the Wood's Ferry 24 hour race Labor Day weekend.  Under this format, you run, walk, or crawl as many miles as you can within the time allowed.  The course was a 7.75 mile trail loop in the Sumter National Forest in South Carolina.  Conditions were very hot & humid, and we heard many runners comment on this.  The race started at 4pm Saturday, finishing at 4pm Sunday.  Jen and I had a race plan of running through the night, and hopefully continuing into Sunday as long as we could.  (By contrast, other runners ran until midnight, slept for several hours, and then ran more the next day.)  We are preparing for the Pinhoti 100 in November, and we need as much sleep deprived night running as possible!  We managed to run 7 loops in a tad under 16 hours, before deciding we'd had enough.  This was good for a multi-person overall tie for 12th place (based on mileage, not time), with Jen getting 2nd place for the women.  I have to admit we had hoped to go a bit further, but under the conditions we were still quite content with our places!  Terri Hayes the Race Director ( always puts on several fun events each year, and I recommend running with her sometime...


Jay Worrall & Jennifer Ford



As we head into October, be sure to check out the ARC website for all the details on fall races. The Honda 5K will be October 8th, The Gamecock Gallop is October 22nd, and the YMCA Spooktacular 5K is October 29th...just to name a few!

Have a great week!


E-news Sept. 13, 2011
by mercypilkington
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The Women's Half Marathon is open to all!
The Women's Half Marathon is open to all!

Good afternoon, runners! Several of you have been busy answering the call for race reports, so thanks for the updates and for doing our club proud in the running and multisport worlds!


*Walkers - need a buddy?
I have a friend who is just getting back into exercising after a long layoff (and a recent knee replacement). She needs the motivation, commitment, and support a walking buddy (or buddies) would give her. She lives in Anniston and would love to join/start a group of walker-friendly people who want to get in better shape and enjoy the camaraderie of friends sharing a common goal. If you or someone you know is interested, just email me at:   Also, please post the days/times that are best for you. Thanks!

*Since the 4 yr Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for the MPO is complete, I will be attempting to update its accompanying Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan for the urbanized area (Jacksonville, Weaver, Anniston, Oxford, Hobson City, Saks, Lenlock, Alexandria and portions of the County immediately adjacent to these areas).  Our current Bicycle/Ped plan was adopted in Nov. 2003 so it’s getting a little old and several projects in it have been completed. 

Several of you participated in the advisory committee for the 2003 plan so I am contacting you once again.   If you know of others who would like to be involved please send a name, address and # so I can contact them.   We need representation from a cross section of the community so, any one of any age and any gender may participate as long as they reside in the urban portion of Calhoun County .    If you would like someone else to represent your issues or agencies please send the appropriate information. 
Our current plan can be viewed at:  scroll down about half the page and click on the Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan highlighted in blue.
This update will take several months and the advisory committee will need to meet a few times.  Of course, this plan must focus on projects which improve bicycle and pedestrian transportation for example; sidewalk improvements, connections to or extensions of the Chief, bicycle lanes where feasible, bicycle parking racks, bicycle safety education, StR signs, etc.   Sorry, no off-road mountain bicycling or round walking track projects can be considered.  However, on street improvements or connections to/from them might be.
Today, I am updating my email and mailing address lists and I hope to have our first meeting within the next several weeks.
Thank you,
Jack Plunk, MCRP



Anniston, Al has been chosen to host the 2011 Alabama State Cyclocross Championships. The race will be held Saturday November 19th at the Woodland Park Softball Complex. The race is also race number 5 of the 10 race BamaCross Series. Please come out and help support this event.

Let Wig (Patrick Wigley, owner of Wig's Wheels and sponsor of ARC) know if you can help with the event. If you've never watched or participated in Cyclo-Cross (CX), you are in for a treat!


*Runners... The XTERRA Alabama Cheaha State Park 10K Trail Run is September 17th, 2011 / First Race of a 3 Race Series! On-Line Registration Closes Sept 15th delta-al/xterra-cheaha-state-p ark-trail-run-2011 we will be taking race day registrations! Your registration includes Dri Fit Shirt, Custom XTERRA Alabama Pint Glass, Chip Timing... Alabama Outdoors will be on hand giving away FREE Raffle Prizes (5 Free Pairs of Trail Running Shoes will be given away)!

Thanks, Tim

Run Away from Domestic Violence

8K Run & 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk

Hoover, AL

October 22, 2011 ~ 8:00am



Register and Save $15 on The Women's Half Marathon Nashville, TN on September 24, 2011
Don't miss out on this spectacular women's event. Grab your girlfriends for an unforgettable weekend in the Music City. The custom finisher's medal, designer goodie bag, cookie cafe and much, much more make this Half Marathon & 5K a spectacular event.
    All half-marathon finishers will receive the legendary 2-in-1 Medal & Charm!

Registration is approaching a sell out so sign up today!
Get $15 off your half marathon registration with coupon code WHMNASH15 (Case Sensitive) when you register online at

Learn more at


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