Ferret Theory LXXVII -- Donald Trump is right America!
by 564magnum007
  Ferret Theory VIII: Aliens from “V” attack at Costco.
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Ferret Theory LXXVII -- Donald Trump is right America!

After listening to CNN speak with Donald Trump about the “US. Stock Exchange” being taken over by: “German Nazis Bankers,” to say the least! I have to agree, with Donald that it will be a shame to loss an (American Icon) like the US. Stock Market or Wall - Street to Germany….

This is serious people: The world has found an opening here, with are economy at a claps. Foreign Interest -- are taken bold and swift moves, to split America up for good! This attack being done is the same kind of attack that was done during World War II, when the Germans stole the soles of the Jews and throw them, in incinerators. This is the same kind of thinking or mind control ideology here, possessed in the 1940’s now being seen in 2011!

Remember, these were the groups that we concord in the past century: Japan, Germany, you don’t think, they have stored a little bit of revenge from the past? Would you like to see and find out?

I also agree, with Donald on a number of topics discussed: “ OPIC” needs to be a little bit more real, here in America! The gas prices for this “Recession borderline Depression” are way out of proportion! Donald said “the reason OPIC is doing, what their doing in the oil business is because the United States has allowed them to do so!” I also agree with this statement.

Going off of what Donald Trump, was saying on CNN. Would it be to far out there to say “what if China bought are Armed Forces?” Then what? You don’t think if they can purchase are “American Icon Stock Exchange,” that it would be ridiculous to by are military too…! The America people and are Federal Government need to think about this????

The next thing you know, every “Black, White and Brown-person in are military,” will be put on “Federal Unemployment” and replaced with a “Yellow-person from, China!” What! You think this is funny? China has enough people to come-over and replace are active duty? You better think again America…!

Look, America including myself, we just might get are World War III, and it just might be a swift and deceptive take-over right here on our own turf! Well, I guess, we did it to the Native Americans, so it might has well happen to us too! I still don’t like the Idea of it being Japan and Germany again along with China!


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