WASHINGTON – With less than three days left in his term, President Barack Obama on Tuesday commuted 273 more convicted felons – including two military figures convicted in connection with leaked classified documents.

JACKSONVILLE — Anniston’s girls bowed out of last year’s Calhoun County tournament in the quarterfinals, and this year’s Bulldogs weren’t about to let that happen again Tuesday.

RichRod will talk to fans and take questions after the UA's class is announced Feb. 1.


The nation rightly honors Congressman John Lewis, who, at the cost of a skull-cracking beating, led actions that opened the voting booths to black Americans. (Actions, Mr. Trump, not just talk, talk, talk).

When Paul Caldwell started Confederate Stills of Alabama, he saw the venture as more than the manufacture of distillery equipment. It also gave him an opportunity to pay tribute to his heritage.

George Michael's partner Fadi Fawaz has reportedly hired a bodyguard after George's cousin criticised the hairdresser and claimed there is something suspicious about the singer's death.

Mary Mullen is president of Dixie Weavers Basketry Guild. She discovered her talent for basket weaving after taking an introductory class in 2010. Mullen estimates that she has woven about 200 baskets in the last seven years.

My 8-year-old daughter loves story songs. As the gatekeeper for the Spotify playlists, I like to sneak in a personal favorite from time to time, which is how we ended up listening to Bob Dylan’s haunting song "John Brown" on the way to Dairy Queen.


It’s become a ritual whenever there is a winter storm in the forecast: Head to the store for bread and milk.

Acquiesce in the face of injustice is not an option that Jesus permits for those who call him Lord.